Fixit yourself courses are designed around your current level of ability and content will include the best options for you or you group from the list below - we always cover Safety and Tricks of the trade!


Drills, drilling and hand tools


Drilling into various walls, rawl plug and screw types, fitting a level shelf, hanging pictures and curtain rails, using screwdrivers and saws, use of other power tools.


Plumbing systems


From basic plumbing and leak fixing to changing radiator valves, clearing waste blockages Repairing/replacing pipes, taps, washers and ceramic disc inserts, using silicon sealant, refreshing grouting.


Electrical Systems


From wiring a plug to understanding domestic wiring, Identifying electrical trip faults, Understanding a fuse board/CU and changing light fittings.




Painting techniques, preparation, masking and sanding; filling and preparing walls, caulking, primer, undercoats and top coats. 


Tool purchases


Essential/desirable - what to spend, and what to spend more on.


Home security


From alarms to lighting and door and window security inc ‘target hardening’ techniques.