Fix it yourself is a brand new home maintenance workshop service for Horsham. Before setting up the business we did quite a bit of market research. Homeowners loved our idea! Some of their comments are shown below.

 'It's a good idea, I would love to show my son how to fix things!'

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woman holding silicone gun to use around

'I am really enthusiastic about this idea! I would like to give it a go, and would save up to do so. I have already spent £400 this year on small jobs I wanted to do myself.'

'Yes great idea, me and my friend would def book a course!'

Female carpenter  at work using hand dri
two hands of plumber with pliers and rad

'I think it’s a good idea, my wife and I would both be interested - suggest a course place as Christmas or birthday gifts?'

'I'm a new house owner - I thinks it’s a great idea and would be interested in attending.'