What is Fix It Yourself?

We offer a unique range of home maintenance workshops in your own home for people in Horsham, and surrounding areas. We teach practical household maintenance tasks, such as re-sealing a bath or shower, putting up a shelf, hanging pictures and rails, basic plumbing, basic electrics, tool use, understanding how your home works, DIY safety, and many invaluable top tips!

At the start of each workshop, we spend 5 minutes getting to know each other, so we understand how we can give you the right level of input to suit your needs. 

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You choose who attends, it could be just you, or you could invite a couple of friends to spread the cost. We feel strongly about equality, and aim to enable more women to learn DIY skills.

We know that you have booked with us because you want practical instruction so that you can learn to Fix It Yourself. The workshops are hands on, it does help to have at least a couple of people on the course, although one to one is fine.

Within the 3 hour courses, there will be a 15 minute break. Within the 6 hour courses, there will be two 15 minute breaks and 30 minutes for lunch.


Please wear old clothing, full foot covering shoes and if you have long hair, it will need to be tied back.

We will bring floor coverings, dust sheets and a range of protective equipment - gloves etc. Please make sure we have somewhere we can erect a small work bench.

Any questions? You can use the chat function, or our contact form on this site.